About Us

SeaCoast Gas Transmission, L.L.C.

SeaCoast Gas Transmission operates a 25-mile pipeline system with extensive access to diverse natural gas supply sources which can deliver 100,000 MMBtus per day of natural gas to northeast Florida.

SeaCoast Gas Transmission provides:

  • Access to diverse supply sources via Florida Gas Transmission and Southern Natural Pipeline systems
  • Service from the Jacksonville area to JEA's Greenland Energy Center
  • Firm and Interruptible Transportation Service to the Florida market
  • Knowledgeable originators and professional operations technicians who are customer focused


100,000 MMBtus per day


25 miles


18 miles 24-inch and 7 miles 16-inch

Supply Area:

Gulfcoast supplies and Elba Island

Construction began:

September, 2008

Phase 1 in-service date:

December 1, 2010


Intrastate pipeline constructed in Florida


Firm, interruptible transportation and park and loan services

Office Location:

702 North Franklin Street, Tampa, Florida 33602